Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First try at Apricot jam

The receipe calls for apricots, lots of sugar, water, some kind of citrus, pectin, and a liqueur. I spoke to a friend and she said her mother would cook the jam for an hour, leave it overnight, cook it again for an hour and that way the sugar would set with the fruit and Pectin wasn't necessary.

In the 7" round pot
Roughly chop two lbs apricots.
Top with two cups of sugar.
Juice and zest of one orange.

Cook in the summer position for two hours.
Let sit for twenty four hours in a dark place like your regular oven.
Cook in the summer position for two more hours.

The sugar caramelized, the jam set, however the flavor was closer to marmalade. When I redo this receipe I will only add a Tablespoon of orange juice next time.