Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Black beans with chard and green tomatoes.

Layer in the 5" oval pot
Half a large onion chopped medium and fried until it changes color in a table spoon of oil. About six minutes.
One large clove garlic minced
One large stalk of celery chopped small
One small carrot chopped small
Six green tomatoes chopped medium
Dry red chilly flakes to taste.
One spicy green chilly chopped small. Skip if necessary.
One bunch chard cut in thin strips and washed.
Tuck in one small branch rosemary or herbs of choice.
Drizzle two table spoons olive oil.
Salt to taste.
Cook for two hours in the winter position.
Remove and toss Rosemary branch.
Mix with cup of cooked black beans.
Top with half a tablespoon balsamic vinegar.
Mix well, correct for salt and serve.

For the black beans soak one cup overnight in four cups water. Bake in the oven at 280 deg for two and a half hours. There may not be enough sun this time of year to make sure to start early.
Salt when done.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lentils with green tomato and chard

Pour two table spoons oil in the 5" oval pot
Dust with two teaspoons cumin powder.
Quarter teaspoon turmeric
Half a cup whole lentils soaked overnight in one and half cups of water.
Add one large clove garlic chopped fine (optional)
Half of a ginger chopped fine.
One spicy chillies chopped fine or to taste.
Three or four green tomatoes chopped small
Top with one large head of chard, kale, or collard cut in half inch strips and soaked to remove any grit.
Salt to taste.

Cook in the winter position for two hours starting early in the morning.
Mix, taste and add salt as needed. Mix throughly with a fist of cilantro chopped fine.
This is a complete meal, eat with bread, flour tortilla, or over rice.

I ended up with two bags of green tomatoes when I switched the garden over to beans last week. If you don't have green tomatoes use half as much regular tomatoes.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chile verde creame cheese dip

Make the chile verde
Mix equal portions chile verde with cream cheese.

If the chile verde is  cold warm the cheese for 15 seconds in the microwave before mixing.

Serve with tacos, tortilla chips, bread, crackers or mixed in with a salad dressing.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

simple recipes for maker faire

Sweet potato with pepper/ or honey
Sweet potato cooked for 1.5 hours in the summer position.
Mash with a 1/4 onion or spring onion, cream cheese, one sprig parsley chopped fine, and cayenne or honey.

Cauliflower  with greens
Trim off the florets. Chop the stem thin.
Bake for 50 minutes in the summer position.
Serve with Salt, pepper and olive oil.

Trim florets. Skin stem. Chop roughly.
Bake for 50 minutes in the summer position.
Serve with any combination of
Salt, pepper, Olive oil, Lemon juice or white wine vinegar and or balsamic.

See the previous recipe to combine with pasta.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pasta with swiss chard and parsnips.

One bunch swiss chard (about twenty leaves.)
Cut the leaves across in half inch strips until the last piece of green on the stem. Discard rest of stem.
Place in the 7" round pot.
Chop one clove garlic in thin strip.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Note this cooked without oil.

Trim two large or four smaller parsnips. Wash carefully. I soak them in water then scrub them with a brush in the same water. Peel (if you want.) Cut into the equal sized portions. Layer on top of the chard.

In the other 7" pot pour two table spoons olive oil.
Add two halfs of breasts of chicken.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Top with one clove thin chopped garlic.

Cook in the summer position.

Chop a large handful parsley into tiny pieces. Place in a large bowl.
Crush two cloves garlic.
Shred Parmesan to taste.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Press half a large lime.
Pour four table spoons olive oil and mix.

After half an hour remove the chicken. Check with a tooth pick to make sure its cooked. If not return for another ten minutes.
The chard should be cooked in one hour.

Chop the chicken into half inch strips.
Toss chicken, chard, and parsnips with the parsley olive oil mix.

In one 7" pot heat one cup thick pasta like casareche. In the other place three cups water.
Place in the summer position.
After one hour combine the water with the hot pasta and stir to make sure it doesn't stick.
Cook for twenty minutes. Pasta should be done- if not cook for another twenty minutes.
Drain and reserve the water.

Mix the pasta with the chicken, chard, parsnips and parsley.
Add one cup or what's left of the pasta water. Mix and let sit for ten minutes. Then mix again before serving.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Chinese stalky greens with bamboo shoots.

Chinese stalky greens (- not the leafy greens like bok choy) with bamboo shoots.

Rinse. Cut the greens in three parts with increasing length toward the leafy portion. Trim and cut the bamboo shoots into three centimeter strips. Portions that simple to bite and chew when raw are ok to cook. The fibrous portion is what you toss. Near the top you will peeling more off to toss.

Cook in the summer position for 40 minutes with salt and pepper to taste.

Crush two cloves garlic. Mix with olive oil and vinegar to taste. Or use sesame oil and rice vinegar. Pour over the vegetables while hot.

For added variety toss with handful of thick cooked pasta like casareche
and handful of ham cubes or sausage rings cooked for 30 minutes in the summer position.