Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fresh fish with chile verde sauce

Two steaks fresh fish, or thawed Mahi Mahi etc.
Its difficult to buy fresh fish in Belmont even though fishing is a major part of the economy in Half Moon Bay 12 miles over the hill. The problem is consumption and its related claw of distribution. Buyers at restaurants, grocery stores etc are locked out of "consumers want" like Alaskan Salmon, Chilean Sea Bass, Thai prawns etc if they buy local fish and don't take everything that the distributor has to offer. We can go to Half Moon Bay and buy off the boats but other buyers don't have the same option nearby- and this certainly needs definition.

Place in 5” oval pot. Salt and dust with hot new mexico chile.
Cook for 35 minutes uncovered in the winter position.
Top with thin layer of chile verde sauce and cook for 15 minutes more uncovered.
Top with chopped cilantro and serve with tortillas and beans. Beans are back at the market.

Chile verde sauce made earlier.
Twelve tomatillos. Calderon Markets has them right now. Peel and toss in pot.
Two cloves garlic peeled.
One small yellow onion peeled (optional)
One or two jalapenos or to taste.
Cook in the 5” round pot for one hour.
Remove, add a fist full of cilantro, two table spoons olive oil and blend.
Bottle for later use, let cool, and refrigerate.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chinese string beans

One bunch string beans cut in six inch lenghts.
Two cloves garlic chopped rough.
One large tomato chopped large.
One poblano chile cut in thin strips.
Salt and pepper.
One tablespoon olive oil.
Cook in the 7" round in the summer position for two hours.
Mix and break up before serving.

SF Mayor Gavin Newsome on water: Coca Cola and Pepsi can put tap water in a bottle charge you ten thousand more than you would spend buying municipal water without any of the regulations to ensure that its clean and then use a third of a bottle of gasoline to ship it around. Demand more from your local governments instead of worrying about Bush about another way to approach the distribution of our food chain. Realize that you can do more to get change.