Thursday, July 3, 2008

Banana squash

Similar to a pumpkin recipe.
These things are great for storage and consumption during the winter. They look like they will last 6 month. I just cooked one that I was given in February by someone who had grown and harvested it in November. Its sat on the kitchen counter for six months.

One squash cut into half inch cubes.
Two cloves garlic chopped small.
One small onion chopped small.
Salt and pepper to taste.
One half serrano pepper if desired chopped small.
One tablespoon curry powder if desired.

Mix and drizzle with one tablespoon olive oil in the 7" round pot.

Place in the oven in the summer position for two hours. We have fires in the SF Bay Area and an overcast sky. You will need less for a clear sky.

Remove and add a
- fistfull of chopped parsley or cilantro.
- Two tablespoons wine vinegar

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