Monday, December 22, 2008

Spicy dandelions and brussel sprouts and arugula.

Happy New Year. Yesterday was the winter solstice and at 4:10 AM the earth stopped its outward swing and was pulled back in orbit toward the sun. As the sun heads north our days will get longer. Today was a glorious sunny morning. However not trusting the fervor of the rain god to supply water for our crops, I put on the reflector and used the oven in the winter position. Good thing, because just ofter the food was cooked (I started at 9:00 AM) the clouds moved in.

Yesterdays at the farmers market our suppliers from Calderon, Hollister, had celery, dandelion (no chard this far north) and large pretty looking brussel sprouts. Barbagelata Farms from Linden had peppers, onions, garlic, beens, cauliflower, nuts, apples, and tomatoes. Bill Ferry Ranches has a mix of nuts. J&M Farms from Fresno had chard, arugula, and red peppers. Sonoma Oil Company doesn't come around this time of year so you better have stalked up on supplies of vinegar and oil. Spring Hill had a variety of cheeses about a month ago. They still come to the San Mateo Farmers Market.

Chop one bunch dandelions thin and then soak in water. Drain.
In the 5" oval pot layer:
Half a red onion chopped small.
Two stalks celery chopped small.
Two cloves garlic chopped tiny.
One jalapeno chopped small.
Two tablespoons Olive oil.
Sea salt crystals to taste.
Black pepper to taste.

Cook for 90 minutes.
Squeeze half a lemon. Sprinkle one tablespoon vinegar.
Mix, drain and set the liquid aside for stock.
Mix in a tablespoon of nuts.
Let cool and serve as a side.

Brussel Sprouts.
Cut in half six to eight sprouts.
Chop one clove garlic tiny. Mix with one tablespoon olive oil.
Dip cut sprouts in the oil and layer in the 5" round pot.
Salt with the sea salt grinder.
Cook for 90 minutes with the oval pot (see Dandelions above.)
Sprinkle with ground black pepper and serve hot.
Remaining liquid can be added to stock.

Chop one stalk celery small.
Chop one small apple small.
Chop one red pepper small.
Chop one sweet pepper small.
Drizzle one tablespoon vinegar toss and mix.
Salt and pepper toss and mix.
Top with Arugula.
Pour two tablespoon olive oil and mix, then mix through the whole salad.
Grind pepper to taste.
Shred generously a salty goat cheese like feta over before serving. Since the Spring Hill feta was not salty I salted the Arugula instead.

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