Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fenugreek greens rice pilaf with corn and peppers

We get a mix of kale, mustard, beet, chard, carrots with their green tops, radish, and Italian braising greens from My Farms SF. Hold the bottom of the stem and pull with two fingers, nails inward, to remove the leaf from the stem. Chop the greens up in 1/2 or 1/4 inch strips after the tougher stems have been removed. Kale, turnip, radish, and carrots have tough steps.
Corn, poblano peppers, onions and garlic were available at the organic Calderon Market table at the Belmont Farmers Market.

Layer in the oval or medium round pot
About ten cups thin chopped greens.
Chop the not so thick stems small and add.
One large corn, kernels removed.
Two hot chillies chopped small.
Two tablespoon dried fenugreek leaves.
Two cloves garlic sliced thin.
Half inch ginger chopped small.
Two tablespoons cooking oil.
Two green peppers like ancho or poblano chopped into half inch pieces.
Salt to taste.

In the small 5" round pot
three quarter cup brown rice
two cups water

Cook for two hours in the summer position
Mix and serve.

Variations- Cook without the rice since the corn is form of grain. Vary with string beans.

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