Monday, May 17, 2010

Chinese stalky greens with bamboo shoots.

Chinese stalky greens (- not the leafy greens like bok choy) with bamboo shoots.

Rinse. Cut the greens in three parts with increasing length toward the leafy portion. Trim and cut the bamboo shoots into three centimeter strips. Portions that simple to bite and chew when raw are ok to cook. The fibrous portion is what you toss. Near the top you will peeling more off to toss.

Cook in the summer position for 40 minutes with salt and pepper to taste.

Crush two cloves garlic. Mix with olive oil and vinegar to taste. Or use sesame oil and rice vinegar. Pour over the vegetables while hot.

For added variety toss with handful of thick cooked pasta like casareche
and handful of ham cubes or sausage rings cooked for 30 minutes in the summer position.

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