Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winter genoese yukon potatoes.

Serves 4
Raymond has red and yukon gold potatoes this time of year. His organic farm in Hollister has an organic oat field nearby. There nothing else around he says. I pick the potatoes so they would qualify as medium, about two inches round.

Cut six yukons into half then cut the halves into four pieces.
Toss into the 6” oval roaster with salt.

Place in the upright solar sport oven in the winter position with the reflector and set the timer to 90 minutes. Remember if the oven hasn’t steamed you should give it some more time. Start cooking early. I have the food cut trimmed and in the oven by 9:00 AM.

Warm the rest up before you serve, mix with a two teaspoons of winter pesto, and serve.

For the winter pesto-
One of the organic vendors at our farmers market brings the best arugula in these parts. Walnuts and almonds are available at the non organic tables at the farmers market.

Blend half a handful of walnut nuts or almonds with two cloves garlic, a mix of parsley and cilantro or arugula, or broccoli (about two to three cups) with water and olive oil. Use more water if you are watching your weight. Salt. Add a chili if you can handle it. Add parmesan if you like. Blend varying the water or olive oil or both until it runs smooth. Can be used for sandwiches, pasta, or potatoes.

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