Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Steel cut or rolled oats.

One cup steel cut or rolled oats. I get mine from the bulk isle at Whole Foods.

Slightly less than two cups water. This will make a dry oatmeal without the associated "slime" for want of a better word, that accompanies stove cooked oatmeal. One of the wonders of solar cooking.

Pinch of salt.

Toss into the 6” oval roaster and put in the oven in the winter position with the reflector. Set your clock for fifty minutes. Use your kitchen timer because the reflector can warp the oven.

Makes four servings which keep in the refrigerator. I eat for breakfast with a little milk sometimes, but generally with what-ever winter green is left over.

The solar sport oven will condense water at the top when the food is cooked. That a quick easy visual guide to get the food out. If you are running an errand and may not be back in time put the oven in a spot where you know there will be shade in an hour.

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