Friday, May 23, 2008

Chutney chicken rice

Soak one cup brown rice in two cups water overnight. This is half a cup less water than is needed to reconstitute brown rice.

two bunches cilantro with half a bunch mint.
Juice of one lemon
one clove garlic
half inch ginger
one tablespoon cumin
one serano chilli
One tomato optional.
Half an onion optional.
This is a basic Indian chutney. You can replace the mint with parsley if that's what you have in the kitchen. The chutney is spread on white bread that is generously buttered, and cut into little triangular sandwiches, or used as a relish with food.

Two chicken breasts or chicken thigh, meat only, portions cut into half inch x one inch chunks.
Marinade in the chutney. Safeway and Wholefoods carry organic free range chicken.

Cook the rice for two hours in a 7” round pot. The rice should be almost cooked with water all evaporated.

Pour the chicken and marinade on top and cook for another hour.

Trim leaves only off one bunch cilantro.
Mix in the chicken rice when done and salt as needed.

We have a fire raging in the south bay, in Sierra Azul off the summit in Los Gatos. The air is smoky and muggy like an overcast day. So I used the reflector today in the summer position.

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