Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fish salad and food riots

Salmon or sole or left over piece of fish at least 3” across.
Marinade one red onion diced fine in juice of one lemon.
Add one serano chili chopped extremely fine.
Add handful of cilantro chopped.
Add one tomato, seeds and water removed, chopped small.
Mix, salt, pepper, and as the fish breaks up add olive oil to taste and to get the consistency to spread on crackers

Why is Somalia not self sufficient in food especially fish? The planet is coming apart because of our insatiable desire to feed our cars. Jeffery Sachs called for rethinking the commitment to ethanol. In the United States, as much as one-third of the maize crop this year will go to the gas tank and this is a huge blow to the world food supply, so these programs should be cut back significantly," he said.

Yet despite this its surprising to see a third world country after the legacy of colonialism not be able to feed itself. Its even more surprising to see these riots on the coast where these communities have fished for eons. Greenberg says that one of the problems is that the world is running out of fish. Since cod collapsed we have continued to exterminate whole species from the ocean. Today native farmers cannot sustain their coastal communities as factory trawlers stalk the oceans for fertilizer and feed. They go farther out and only end up finding new species for the trawlers to wipe out like the Chilean Sea Bass. Now they can't even go farther out.

Greenberg writes: As we reach the end of the big natural predators, farmed fish will replace wild, just as beef cattle replaced buffalo. Which is no favor for the environment or the economy.

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