Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chard with corn

Tie the bunch together, then cut the leaves about 1" in width. As you get down to the stalks cut the leaves about 1/8" in width. Discard stalks. Wash and rinse carefully then place in the 7" round or 5" oval pot.

Cut half a red onion thin and place on top.
Shred one large dried poblano or guajillo chille and place on top.
Chop leaves of one small twig oregano fine and place on top.
Drizzle two tablespoons olive oil on top.

In the other pot place one cleaned cob of summer corn.

Cook for an hour and a half in the summer position.
Cut and scrape the corn off the cob and add to the chard.
Top with one tablespoon lemon and one tablespoon white wine vinegar. Salt and then pepper generously and mix well before serving. Will stay to serve at room temp as a starter.

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