Saturday, August 23, 2008

cherry tomato pasta salad

This is a fun tasty light pasta salad for a summer evening.
Pasta is complicated and time intensive to cook in the solar oven.

One pint cherry tomatoes each cut in half.
One tablespoon olive oil.
One table spoon balsamic vinear.
Three tablespoons basil cut fine and chopped.
Salt to taste.

In one 7" pot combine
One red onion chopped small.
One large garlic clove cut fine or crushed.
Olive oil.
Salt to taste.

In the other 7" pot put three cups water.

Place the solar oven in the summer position.
After half an hour remove the onion/garlic and combine with the cherry tomatoes.

Add 6 oz small elbow or gamine pasta to the pot and return to the oven with the water.
After a half hour put the hot pasta in the now hot water. Stir and leave in the oven in the summer position for twenty minutes. Unlike other things in a solar oven DON'T leave it longer without checking since the pasta will overcook.
Remove and drain and combine with cherry tomato/onions.

Chop half a head romaine lettuce thin and small and combine.

Two tablespoons olive oil, one tablespoon white wine vinegar, and one tablespoon lemon.
Salt to taste.
Pour over pasta and mix.
Shred cheese to taste.

Optional: add broccoli or cube cut ham as desired and mix.
Serve at room temperature.

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