Thursday, August 14, 2008

Red pepper, poblano chile antipasta with corn

Calderon's table was overflowing with produce and I couldn't resist the big red ultra sweet peppers and the small dark poblano chiles. The poblanos will get bigger over the next six weeks as the summer goes by, and then they will get redder and sweeter. Yum.

Toss one red pepper, one corn cob, and two poblanos into the 7" round pot and cook in the summer position for 100 minutes.

Trim and core the peppers then cut into small half inch squares.
Remove the kernels from cob and then scrape it to get the kernel centers.
Chop half an average red onion small.
Chop a handful of basil small or slivered. Should be flowering the garden. Use the flowers and pods too.
Juice of one lemon (trees should be full), equal part white wine or fruit vinegar, equal part olive oil.
Mix and salt to taste.

Eat with a soft bread that has a crust.

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