Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jackfruit seeds

At the San Carlos Farmers Market one of the farmers had mangos, jackfruit, and various kinds of small bananas and other exotic fruits grown in Palmdale, the desert east of LA . I bought a tiny segment of jackfruit. The fruit was delicious and the glue that gets on the hands difficult to remove. This glue was also not disolvable in water. It had to be rubbed off the knife.

The fruit encases a large seed.

Wash the seeds then put them in the solar oven for an hour. After they have cooled cut them in half and shelled the outer layer. Salt and serve. They have the texture of peanuts and the taste of a potato. In India they used in curries.

The mangoes and bananas were delicious too. The fruit table was located near the southern end of the market on the west side.

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