Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mashed potatoes

Serves 4
Pick the potatoes so they would qualify as medium, about two inches round. Red or yukon or Idaho would suffice. We don’t get Idaho at the farmer’s market this time of year.

Cut six potatoes into half then cut the halves into four pieces.
Toss into the 6” oval roaster with salt.

Place in the solar sport oven in the winter position with the reflector and set the timer to two hours. Remember if the oven hasn’t steamed you should give it some more time. Start cooking early. I have the food cut trimmed and in the oven by 9:00 AM.

When done mash half the potatoes with the water that condensed in the pot. Add olive oil or butter as needed. Taste for salt and pepper. Add parsley and or green onions if you like.

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