Monday, March 10, 2008

Baked whole Lentils with broccoli.

Onions won’t saute in a solar oven and may retain their astringent smell and flavor.

Chop half a large yellow onion in half and then cut thin. Saute on the stove stirring for one minute in the 6” oval pot. Turn off the stove.

Add one cup whole lentils and two cups water. The goal is to get dry cooked lentils. Use more water if you like them soft. Salt to taste.

In the 5” round pot trim the florets off a stalk of a broccoli, then peel and chop the stalk fine.

Place both in the oven in the winter position with the reflector. Remove the broccoli after forty five minutes but leave the lentils for another hour.

Crush two cloves garlic in a half a lemon juice with equal parts white wine vinegar.

Mix everything together. Salt to taste.
Grate cheese of choice over if desired.

(Note- If the lentils are soaked overnight both brocolli and lentils and can be cooked in one pot for one hour. To do this soak the lentils in two cups of water.)
Return to oven for a half hour.

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