Monday, March 24, 2008

Mushroom Anti Pasta

J&M used to be in Gilroy, about 40 miles of Belmont. Their ID on the Pacific Farmer’s Market web site still says that.

But their farm was sold to grow homes during the last housing boom and they have moved to Fresno. Their sister farm still grows mushrooms in Morgan Hill by Coyote Valley and may do so for another decade.

Sustainable San Mateo County in their 2007 Indicators Report writes under Agriculture about out challenge: Farmland—or “working landscapes”—if managed sustainably can provide significant environmental and quality of life benefits, such as open space and healthy microclimates. Controlled grazing helps minimize soil erosion and control invasive weeds. Locally grown food contributes to the county’s food security, reduces transportation- related air pollution and costs, maintains food freshness and nutrition, and protects land from urban sprawl. Organic farming practices are especially important for maintaining agricultural vitality because they reduce the harmful environmental and health effects of pesticides and protect long-term soil quality.

Separate button style mushrooms from caps. Any small round mushroom will work. You can compost the stalks or use them for additional stock. Clean with a brush or rinse and toss in a 7” round pot and cook for an hour without the reflector in the summer position.

Mix juice of one lemon, equal part white vinegar, equal part olive oil, one crushed garlic clove, five to six sprigs parsley chopped fine, chives of two spring onions chopped fine, and salt.

Combine mushrooms and marinade. Let sit for four hours stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. You should have about 3/4 cup mushroom stock in the pot which you should save to cook grains like whole lentils for a grain salad.

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