Monday, March 24, 2008

Whole lentils with mushroom stock.

Celery is one of those things that need a community to consume. I never can seem to finish a bundle of celery.

Two and a half cups mushrooms stock one cup whole lentils. You should have saved enough stock from cooking mushrooms and other vegetables. Add equivalent water if you don't have enough stock. If the stock is recent you can soak the pulses overnight.

Place in 7” round pot and cook in the summer position, yes we just passed the spring equinox, with the reflector on for one hour. If cooking in the early morning use a 2x4 to tilt the oven toward the lower sun. I use some books here. Note that the summer position is the wide part of the oven down.

Remove, salt, one clove crushed garlic, half a stalk celery chopped fine and three to four sprigs parsley chopped fine. Optional- add half a teaspoon curry powder. Mix cover and let sit in the heat of the lentils to blunt the harshness from the garlic and celery before serving

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