Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Winter arugula with marinated onions

Don't be shy about mixing flavors with arugula. But watch out for the lemon and vinegar.

Mix half a lemon, equal part white wine vinegar, one teaspoon sugar, and half a teaspoon salt or to taste. Stir until the sugar dissolves.
Chop half a red onion into one inch strips about an 1/8” wide.
Mix with dressing and turn over occasionally for an hour.
You can also use a yellow onion but marinade it overnight.

Half pound arugula common this time of year at the farmers market.
Two tablespoons olive oil. Toss.

Two oranges and or one apple cut into small pieces about half inch long.

Mix fruit with arugula. Add marinated onions. Add a teaspoon of the marinade. Add a handfull broken walnuts. Toss together. Taste a leaf and add more marinade if needed.

Optional- add a farmers cheese or a goat cheese crumbled.

Serves four.

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